Pastoral Care Certificate

Caring for People God’s Way is a 30-week Certificate program that will help equip you to respond to the growing needs and provide competent and compassionate care to those who are hurting. This course is video-based and biblically-based, and features some of the best faculty in the world. The goal of this training is to help you understand the tough issues people wrestle with today and use the Bible with confidence with those who need clear direction and could use some strong encouragement.

Each unit comes complete with optional coursework and exams, whereby you can earn a certificate of completion in Biblical Counseling from Light University.

This course starts on Wednesday, January 8th (10am-noon). 

If you would like to enroll for this one year pastoral care certificate program,

Unit 1. Introduction To Biblical Counseling

  • Becoming A Christian Counselor

  • Using Your Spiritual Gifts In Counseling

  • Helping Others Find Significance In Life

  • The Power Of Truth

  • Overcoming Depression

  • Surviving Sexual Abuse: On The Threshold Of Hope

Unit 2. Faith And Life

  • The Effective People Helper

  • Bringing People Into God's Presence

  • How To Help People Change

  • Heart Matters: Repentance And Godly Sorrow

  • Forgiveness: Letting Go Of The Past And Pain

  • The Spiritual Disciplines In Counseling

Unit 3. Marriage And Family

  • Marriage: Keeping Love Alive

  • Healthy Sexuality: A Biblical Foundation

  • Addiction And Recovery

  • How Couples Lose At Love: Disaffection In Marriage

  • Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling

  • Divorce Recovery: Starting Over Again

Unit 4. Challenging Issues In Biblical Counseling

  • Crisis Response And Intervention

  • Ethical And Legal Issues In Counseling Ministry

  • Breaking Generational Patterns

  • Infidelity: Stabilizing After The Affair

  • Pain And Suffering: Helping People In A Broken World

  • Breaking The Bonds Of Sexual Addiction

Unit 5. Emerging Issues In Biblical Counseling

  • Managing Stress And Anxiety

  • Grief And Loss

  • Psychiatric Care And Medication

  • Financial Bondage: Strategies For Freedom

  • Anger Management

  • The Helping Process: Basic Skills And Practice


$10 Registration (payable to Gardiner Community Church)

$185 (+ shipping) For Workbook Resource (Purchase directly here)

Pastoral Care Diploma

This program  builds upon the Certificate program with an additional focus on spiritual freedom and emotional healing ministry. Training throughout the programs includes attending a Ministries of Pastoral Care Conference in Edmonds (April 30th-May 2nd 2020), and coursework from Unbound in 2021.


Prerequisite: Pastoral Care Certificate.   

Unit 1. Freedom In Christ

  • Session 1:  Deliverance is a Good Word

  • Session 2:  Repentance and Faith

  • Session 3:  Freedom in Christ

  • Session 4:  Renunciation and Authority

  • Session 5:  The Power of Forgiveness

  • Session 6:  Ministry to Others: Partnering with the Holy Spirit

  • Session 7:  Staying Free: The Battle for our Minds

  • Session 8:  The Father's Blessing

Unit 2. Unbound Basic Ministry Training

  • Session 1.  The Power of the Gospel

  • Session 2.  Overview of the Five Keys

  • Session 3.  Ministry to Others

  • Session 4.  Principles and Practices

  • Session 5.  A Non-Confrontational Approach

  • Session 6.  Interview Tips and Resources

  • Session 7.  Intercession

  • Session 8.  Speaking the Father's Blessing

Unit 3. Advanced Ministry Training

  • Session 1.  Knowing God’s Delight

  • Session 2.  Leaning on the Holy Spirit

  • Session 3.  Humility

  • Session 4.  Compassion

  • Session 5.  Learning to Listen

  • Session 6.  Recognizing the Enemy

  • Session 7.  Foundational Patterns

  • Session 8.  Leading with a Purpose

  • Session 9.  Getting Started

  • Session 10. Intake and Preparation


$10 Registration (payable to Gardiner Community Church)

($265) 3 Day Conference In Edmonds

Workbooks (Approximately $48 + shipping). Click on the links below to purchase:

- Workbook 1

- Workbook 2

- Workbook 3

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