Pastoral Care

Sometimes life gets tough, or sometimes we simply just need someone to talk to and pray with. At GCC we currently offer the following pastoral support ministries:

Support Groups:

GCC offers the following support-groups periodically, or when there is enough interest. Click on the links below for more information:

- Divorce Support through the DivorceCare program

- Grief Support through the GriefShare program

- Anxiety Support Group (will be offered in 2020)

Pastoral Counseling & Care Through Our Pastor:

Pastor Caleb is also available to offer pastoral care, prayer, spiritual guidance and a listening ear as these needs arise. He is also a member of The American Association of Christian Counselors

In addition to general pastoral counseling and spiritual guidance, Pastor Caleb is available for prayer, listening, coaching and guidance in the following areas:

- Anxiety (Inquire about an Anxiety Support Group coming up in 2020)

- Healing Prayer for Emotional Wounds

- Premarital Coaching (click here)
- Ministry SHAPE profiles

- Spiritual Direction (click here)
- Steps To Freedom In Christ

Pastor Caleb offers free pastoral counseling to members of Gardiner Community Church during his office hours, or via appointment. If you are not a member, but would like pastoral counseling, please  contact Pastor Caleb by email or phone (360) 797-0044.